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Bridgewater Beach

Comprising of 4kms of wide sandy beach.


Bridgewater Lakes

Bridgewater Lakes is popular for picnics and water activities. Formerly coastal lagoons, the lakes are now cut off from the sea by dunes and are filled from freshwater springs. The lakes are safe for swimming, boating, fishing and water skiing (restricted times for fishing and waterskiing).

Shelly Beach

Shelly Beach is a great place for collecting shell fragments and rock fishing.

Seal Colony

An energetic 2hr return walk to the seal colony from either the beach kiosk or the car park on the hill.

A less energetic 3hr return walk can be taken from the Blowholes carpark.

Occasionally, whales can be seen from Lookout Point, where steps lead down to a viewing platform some 70mts above the seals.

Petrified Forrest

Formed when the forest of Moonah trees was smothered by a large sand dune. Water seeping down through the sand formed a crust of sandstone on the outside of the trunks, decaying the organic matter, leaving behind ‘petrified trunks’.the Petrified Forest is a fascinating moonscape of sandstone columns which geologists believe was once covered in  a forest of moonah trees.

Blow Holes

Formed mainly of basalt (black) and scoria (purple) rock, creating spectacular spouts of sea spray during high seas.

Cape Nelson Lighthouse

Standing 32mts tall, the Lighthouse was built in 1882 of local stone. Guided tours are available to the Lighthouse for some stunning views of the cliff tops.

Great South West Walk

‘A symphony in four movements’. This challenging and adventurous walking track begins and ends in Portland. Try one section at a time or tackle the whole 250kms. The Great South West Walk follows paths through native forests, a majestic winding river, along a beach untamed by wild seas and stand on top of towering stone cliffs.


The Portland Foreshore can be argued that this is where Victoria's history truly first began but it's a fact that this area makes Portland what it is today. Portland's harbour is a natural deep water port handling many hundred thousand tonnes of cargo each year, the majority of which is exported, in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

City attractions include the Botanical Gardens, Maritime Discovery Centre, Portland Leisure and Aquatic Centre and the Portland Cable Tram to name just a few. Fishing is very well supported in the town with the Lee Breakwater and marina perfect spots for a dabble of the rod.

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